1: Arrival to Tampere, Finland

by plane: the closest international airports are those of Pirkkala and Helsinki-Vantaa. From Pirkkala there are regular buses to Tampere central square. A ride on those costs 2,5 euros for grown-ups. From Helsinki-Vantaa there are regular buses to the centre of Helsinki, and a train ride to Tampere from there takes roughly two hours. A bus ride is cheaper, but slighty longer.

For more info on schedules and ticket prices in in-country traffic, see and

by car: coming via Sweden by ferry from Stockholm, you will arrive at Turku harbor. From Turku, highway number 9 to the northeast leads straight to Tampere. If you take the ferry from Umeå to Vaasa, highway number 3 southeast leads straight to Tampere. Crossing the Swedish-Finnish border in Tornio, take highway 4 south until Jyväskylä, and from Jyväskylä, take highway 9 southwest to arrive in Tampere. Coming via Estonia, the ship will arrive in Helsinki West Harbor, and highway number 3 to north leads straight to Tampere. Coming via Russia, you will cross the border at either Virolahti (Vaalimaa station) or Lappeenranta (Nuijamaa station). From Lappeenranta, take highway 6 west until Kouvola. From Virolahti, take highway 7 west to Kotka, then highway 15 north to Kouvola. From Kouvola, highway 12 west-northwest leads straight to Tampere.

by train: the Tornio-Helsinki express train stops in Tampere. See for more details. The Sibelius and Repin trains leave from St Petersburg and arrive in Helsinki, whereas the Tolstoy train leaves from Moscow, stops at St Petersburg and arrives in Helsinki. From Helsinki, there are regular trains and buses running to Tampere. See and for schedules and ticket prices.

2: Arrival to Lähteenmäki from Tampere

Take highway 3 south (towards Helsinki) from Tampere. From intersection 36 (Valkeakoski-Hakkari), drive up the ramp and turn towards Valkeakoski, right past the Ideapark mall ( this will be road number 130). By a Neste gas station, take left on a road named Savontie (road number 3110) - a sign is standing there in the crossroads which reads SAVO. Drive on about 4,6 kilometers and keep an eye for a sign saying "Varkaanojantie". Drive PAST that sign and take the NEXT road right - that will end directly in the yard of Lähteenmäki. There is a small parking area right after turning right from Savontie.

More info about the transportation from Tampere will be updated. Keep an eye for it.

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